Jessica R. Johnson, Founder & Board Member

Florence Blessing, Asana Instructor & Board Member

Timothy Martin, Asana Instructor

Jenn McIntosh, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Reava Connolly, Massage

Rowan Hall, Art Instructor &  Board Member

Mareike Buthmann, Nutritionist & Chef

Desmond Williams, T.R.E. Facilitator & Board Member

Lauren Elliot & Hayden Roberts, Outdoor Instructors



About Liberation

Liberation is a collective of yoga teachers and practitioners, artists, clinicians, therapists, body workers, healers and culinary masters who wish to give back to the community the love and healing that has been given to them through the practice of various healing modalities.

We create retreat experiences for people at a crossroads in life. We offer a week of healing through physical practices (yoga), meditation, therapy, bodywork, art, outdoor exploration and excellent food.

We have observed that often those who most need these modalities of healing do not typically have access to such programs due to economic barriers. Our goal is to eliminate this barrier by offering this program 100% free to participants.

By doing so it is our hope that we help our participants to begin to heal or at least have explored multiple potential pathways to healing.

It is also our hope that they will themselves, one day, be able to offer the some type service and healing to their own communities.


Sandra Kadel, Kendra Johnson, Chiara Martini, Eddie C. Doyle, Anita David, Caylan Rae, Sahiba Walia & Kyle Gould