Mareike Buthmann, Nutritionist & Chef


“Do what you love and love what you do.” In 2015 I began the Holistic Nutrition Program with the Edison Institute of Nutrition while I was also working as nanny for a family of six. During my three years with them, I noticed how busy they were with both parents working full time and finding it hard to prepare meals for the kids. With my passion for helping others, diet and nutrition I decided to start my own business offering an in-home cooking service including meal planning, grocery shopping and preparation. My mission is to help people create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I understand how busy life can get and sometimes all we wish for is to be healthy and function at an optimum level. Through proper diet and minimal stress we can strive to reach a higher state of happiness and harmony. “Living in the moment” I exercise regularly, meditate, enjoy nature, and intentionally practice mindfulness in all aspects of life. Dancing, socializing and exploring new “things” keep me motivated and simply *HAPPY* “My biggest regret in life would be writing a book without chapters”